Trump’s Travel Ban Back

The Constitutionality of the Executive Order is the “Heart” of appeal and has been a consistent approach in other cases pursued by The Department of Justice in previous attempts at appeal.

The controversy of the Executive Order and the travel ban has certainly been heightened by legislation in The U.S. Senate prescribing for law that would break up the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which has been one solution supported by The Trump Administration.  Read the news article here

Yelp Citation Review Site

Probably the most interesting news at Yelp is the promotion of Eat24.  Eas24 is Yelp’s version of “Door Dash”, “Postmates”, “Uber Eats” and general food delivery services.   The expansion of Uber into this market indicates that Yelp is postured to take Eat24 to the next level as we notice the obvious BOOM of traffic and deliveries at restaurants providing access to the Uber Eats and Eat24 services.   Find the news here.