Trump’s Travel Ban Back in the 9th Circuit Court

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear arguments related to President Trump’s recently Executed Executive Order banning travel from certain companies.  The premise being that the ban targets Muslim countries as opposed to Terrorist related countries.  The President’s remarks during the campaign specifically named “Radical Islamic Terrorists” and the need to create strict policies related to the travel of individuals leaving those countries and eventually entering the United States.  The court will certainly hear arguments disputing the validity of the President’s comments during the campaign as being admissible and relevant.   The Constitutionality of the Executive Order is the “Heart” of appeal and has been a consistent approach in other cases pursued by The Department of Justice in previous attempts at appeal.

The controversy of the Executive Order and the travel ban has certainly been heightened by legislation in The U.S. Senate prescribing for law that would break up the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals which has been one solution supported by The Trump Administration.  As expected judges of the Ninth Circuit have opposed such legislation and the arguable Authoritarianism represented by the current President.  Judges have meet with Republican Senators privately to urge opposition to the bill aimed at splitting up the court proposed by Arizona State Senator Jeff Flake.

In typical fashion, President Trump trashed the results of the 9th Circuit Court’s decision to reverse the Executive Order which was no surprise to anyone who is familiar with the behavior of President Trump any time his opinion or actions are opposed.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals did not respond to the requests for comment regarding the judges’ opposition against the Senators’ legislation.  The Appeals Count Public information office previously stated the 9th Circuit was highly opposed to the President and Senator Flakes’ remedy.

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