Local Listing Review Management

Local Listing Review
Management Platform



The Local Listing Review Management Platform is the most powerful, scale-able location content management system available. Connected to Listings, the Location Listing Management Review Platform allows you to store and manage every bit of information about your locations, from basic details like address and phone number to enhanced content like lat/long, menus, photos, and more.

Customers are looking for businesses in an intimate way – a way they never could before: on-the-go and on foot.

Make Local Listing Data Management and Review Easy Across the Organization
Store, manage, edit, customize, and sync information about your locations across the PowerListings Network, including:

  • Basic name, address, and phone (NAP)
  • Business categories
  • Business hours, holiday hours, photos and videos, products and services, staff bios, menus, and calendars
  • Address, phone number, and content support in any language or address format
  • Folders, location labels, and advanced search and filtering

Bulk Upload and Export: It’s easy and fast to add your location data to the platform. Upload your data in spreadsheet form and maintain format fidelity so you’re up and running in no time.

Centrally Manage All Your Location Marketing Analytics

 Analytics Hub: Measure your Listings performance across all your locations from a single interface, including Listing Visitors, Search Terms, and Review Monitoring.

As a Local Listing Review Service Organization we are SEO experts that know what search used to be, from highlighted blue links, metadata, maps and a myriad of ranking factors.  With new technologies like self driving cars and Artificial Intelligence assistants being born left and right, we are keen on what search is becoming.  We have excelled and are excited to assist clients to improve their SEO strategies, but know the search ecosystem is changing rapidly and want to adapt on demand so that we can continue helping our clients thrive. A Local Listing Review Management Platform is key to maintaining competitive search engine rankings and staying ahead of your competition.

Take control of how customers view you online with local listing location review management.  Build your business brand and drive more traffic online and on the street!