Local Listing Review

Google Search Engine and many other companies are now under the Umbrella of "Alphabet"Local Listings are a highly under rated and often overlooked aspect of on-line marketing.  There are literally thousands of different variables that create the “Magic Solution” that propels you to the top of Google, Bing, Yahoo or other website indexing and search platforms.

There are only so many parameters that we can control and for the variables we can control it is critical to provide brand consistency, product awareness and general authority for a particular industry sector.  Social Media Marketing utilizing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Youtube and Pinterest provide a dynamic and constantly changing crowd-sourced content.  You can post and reply and create content that is targeted and is an appropriate reflection of your brand and image.  The problem being that the content is constantly changing and is often inaccurate or even malicious and intentionally factually inaccurate.  What do you do?

One option for controlling brand consistency and maintaining proper and factual brand awareness is through local listings.  There are a barrage of business listing options for the “internetpreneur” and it can be a very confusing process and incredibly time consuming process.  There is an option to submit and update your listings manually.  The problem being that there is no guarantee that your submission will be posted and will remain accurate.  Taking the time to submit to 70-100 local listing platforms can bear brilliant results.  However, unless you check and update each listing individually every couple of weeks the quality of the listing process will deteriorate.

Local listings provide more than additional exposure!

Local listings can be utilized as a cornerstone of your organic SEO rankings as well as a consistent update of content that reaches potential customers.  The problem once again is an incredible investment in time equity!

UNLESS you utilize a local listing service!

Why use a local listing service?

  1. You are guaranteed consistency across all local listing platforms
  2. You control the content
  3. Updates can be made daily if necessary
  4. Listings are controlled from a single web based dashboard
  5. You make one update and it propagates across all listing platforms
  6.  The local listing service has direct contracts with the listing platforms providing a guarantee that your business will be listed and updated as required
  7. Your listings creates a link back to your website creating an authoritative and meaningful inbound link…  This is considered a very positive aspect of organic search results.

There are additional benefits associated with utilizing a local listing service and more benefits in utilizing a listing partner to maximize your listing utilization.

Let’s find out how your business listings are viewed compared to other sites in your industry.

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